About our school

To ensure the health of our pupils who have issues with some foods, our school is a nut free school and is pursuing a healthy eating policy. To this end we ask all parents to keep this in mind when preparing the daily lunches. Please leave out nuts, anything containing nuts and anything that may contain nuts.

The first part of the school was built in 1962, and two classrooms and a hall were added in 1981. We used to have a prefab as a classroom, but that is gone now. Around our school we have a lot of grassy areas to play on. In the summer there are trees to shade us.

Our school is situated near a playing pitch, and a church, which is a bonus. Nearby also, is the first school in Farran, which was built in 1895, and is now somebody’s home. Scoil Naomh Muire has six mainstream class teachers with an administrative Principal. We also have four Learning Support/Resource Teachers, eight Special Needs Assistants and three part-time Special Needs Assistants.


In 2009 the school underwent a complete face-lift. The old windows and doors were replaced with new double glazed ones. The childrens’ play area was extended and re-surfaced. A soccer pitch and a basketball court were created for the children. Some old conifer trees were removed which brightened up the school, a burglar alarm and a fire alarm were installed and the whole building was painted. The school’s heating system was also updated.

In August 2013 we opened our special unit “Nead na Coille” for children with a diagnosis of autism. This unit was at first housed in the school hall, but an extension to the school has been built.  We have two teachers in this unit and four Special Needs Assistants. Then in Aug. 2015 we opened our third special class to cater for older children with an autisim diagnosis. At present this class is again housed in our school hall, but we hope a further extension to the school will begin shortly. There is a teacher and two Special Needs Assistants in this classroom this year. We have a part time secretary and caretaker. Allied to this we have a very active and supportive Parents Association. They run many different fund raising projects each year for the school. Some of their activities have included developing the playing field adjacent to our school, organising the First Communion party for the children involved and their parents and families, as well as helping out at our  annual school sports day in June.