Parent’s Association


We’re very lucky in this school to have an active Parents Association.
Each year they host fundraising nights for the school. In the past we’ve had different guest speakers attending these nights,and down the years they’ve organised table quizzes and art competitions for the pupils in the school. Speech and Drama classes are organised each year also. At Easter time they run a sponsored “Fun Walk and Treasure Hunt” in Farran Wood, or in the Lifetime Lab on the Lee Road.

On the day of the First Communion the Parents Association organise a reception in the school hall for all the families involved, as well as having a photographer visit the school for photographs of the big occasion.A  Pupil Personal Accident Insurance Scheme was also introduced by the Association.

During the school year 2008/2009 they organised their first Golf Classic to raise funds for the school. This was a great success and funds were donated to the school to help with the replacement of the old windows and other refurbishments to the school building and grounds.

2009/2010 saw another very successful golf classic run in the Lee Valley Golf and Country Club. These funds went towards installing interactive whiteboards in each classroom for the benefit of both teachers and pupils.

2010 – 2011 was another very successful year for the Parents Association. They published the school calendar again this year and held their annual golf classic in the Lee Valley Golf and Country Club. During this school year some of the older tables and chairs were replaced and the Parents Association contributed to this. They also purchased an electric cooker for the school and the children have made good use of this, filling the place with some wonderful aromas of baking and cooking! There was a further five laptop computers donated to the school by the parents and they replaced the old keyboard with a new one.


The Parents Association published the school calendar again this year. They organised a very enjoyable night out in the Lee Valley Golf and Country Club to launch the calendar. The proceeds of the sale went towards buying books for the school for the Numeracy and Literacy Programme so every child benefits from this venture.


They also organised a table quiz in Dan Sheahans and the money raised at this event went towards furnishing the fifth classroom in the school to facilitate the 5th main stream class teacher in Sept. 2013.

2013 – 2014 

The Parents’ Association had a busy year again in 2013 – 2014. The Pupils Personal Accident Insurance Plan is ongoing each year with great support from the parent body. Having formed our new unit “Nead na Coille” for children with a diagnosis of autism the school began a year of fundraising for the new building project. The Parents’ Association, together with the parent body as a whole gave their full support to this, and many fundraising ideas were floated at meetings. A fundraising table quiz was held in Dan Sheahan’s bar, the proceeds of which went towards the purchase of the Numicon Programme for use in the junior classes. They also took part in the Easter Egg Hunt again this year on Good Friday in the Lifetime Lab. The children of both Farran and Ovens schools who were confirmed in March together with their families were treated to a very pleasant reception in the community hall after the ceremony by the members of the Parents’ Association. They organised for the children’s photos to be taken this year by the Quaid Gallery. The First Communion children and their families were also treated to a reception in the community hall by the Parents’ Association. After our successful outcome in the Sciath na Scol hurling final the parents were there again to assist with the celebrations. A visit from the Planetarium from the Blackrock Observatory led to a very interesting and “awesome” day for the children. The school is very grateful to all the parents who give their support at all times throughout the year.