Farran School Expansion Plan

Farran school expansion

We would like to give a big thank you to all the houses in the school catchment area for the support given to us in our fundraising drive for our school expansion plan. We’re extremely lucky to have such supportive parents, past parents and the community in general. To date we have raised €35,220 and monies are still coming in. There will be ongoing fundraising events in the coming months, and we are confident we will reach our projected target. This is a tremendous achievement for the local community and we are extremely thankful for their support. 

June 2014;

The County Council has informed us that a decision to grant planning permission is imminent, and we have advertised the project on the Government website on e tender with a closing date of July 11th. We hope the building will commence shortly after that date. 

Local contributions are still coming in and we are fast approaching €40,000. We are greatly impressed and grateful for the ongoing support and this huge vote of confidence by the community in their local school. 

 August 2014;

The construction of our autistic unit “Nead na Coille” began in August and is making great progress.

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September 2014;

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We held a fundraising fun run/walk in Farran Wood on Thursday Sept. 11th. It was a lovely warm pleasant evening and we had a great turnout. It was wonderful to see so many past pupils and their parents arrive to support our venture. In spite of being out late and walking / running the route all pupils who took part arrived in school the next day none the worse for their activities the night before!

We are very grateful to the National Rowing Club for the use of their premises both before the event for registration purposes and afterwards for refreshments. Our thanks also to Coillte for allowing us to use Farran Wood for the evening, without their support this run would not have been possible. 

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 We held our fundraising golf classic in the Lee Valley Golf and Country Club on Sept. 25th. We’re very grateful to all those who gave their time to organise this event, those who attended on the day, to all our sponsors and to all the teams who supported the event. We were very lucky with the weather and we hope all who took part enjoyed their outing. The ongoing support from everyone is very much appreciated.

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October/November 2014;

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December 2014; 

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January 2015;

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February 2015;

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 MARCH 2015;

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April 2015; 

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We have received permission to move in to our new building, so the next few days will be very busy for the entire school, especially for teachers Breda and Fiona who together with their Special Needs Assistants, Nuala, Maura, Jane and Monica will have to move all their equipment and their students from the school hall where they have been for the last year and a half into their new rooms. 

 May 2015;

Building Update

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