30 September 2013

If You Go Down To The Woods Today…….

On the 25th of September a group of children from 5th and 6th class went to Farran Wood for and orienteering workshop.

In the weeks leading up to that, the children had been learning all about orienteering during P.E. time while the rest of the class were training for Sciath na Scol. They started with simple maps and plans and went on to use a map of the school grounds. After some weeks the pupils were able to use the school map to go out and find specific markers which were located in various places around the school grounds. When they found the markers they had to record what thy found on their control card.

In Farran Wood the group met Seán Cotter who told them all about orienteering and explained how to read the symbols and colours on their maps. He then guided them around the first of their two routes in Farran Wood. The group were very successful in following their maps (with maybe one little wrong turn!!). Finally they headed off in pairs to complete the second route without his help. Everybody returned safely and Padraig Kelleher and Kevin O’Regan returned with the fastest time of 17 minutes and a fully correct control card. Well done to all our orienteerers!!. 

(From the September’s school newsletter)