29 April 2013

April’s Newsletter


For the past two weeks 3rd and 4th class have been doing a cycling course. They are really enjoying it! They are learning how to look after their bikes and how to be safe cycling on the road. Katie is the cycling instructor and she is very patient and very helpful. Everyone in 3rd and 4th will know how to ride a bike properly and they will also know loads of facts about cycling. We hope next year that the cycling crew will be kind enough to return to teach next years’ 3rd and 4th the proper way to cycle safely!

Coachford Visit!!!

On the 18th of April 2013 the pupils of 5th and 6th class of Coachford N.S. came to visit us. Our 5th and 6th class pupils demonstrated some science experiments that they had worked on. Afterwards the Coachford pupils demonstrated some of their science experiments.

We prepared experiments with Newton’s apples to explain gravity and with shapes made from cocktail sticks and sweets to explain how some shapes are stronger than others. We used syringes, tubing and water to explain hydraulics and pneumatics and we made traffic lights which really worked!! Our final experiment had to be demonstrated in the yard as it was a mini rocket which flew up into the air.

Coachford’s experiments showed how fast light travels through water, which materials soak up water best and which materials make the best insulators. They also made a fabulous lava lamp and an erupting volcano.

Each class learned a lot from the day and really enjoyed meeting the pupils of another school. We have finished our Discovery Log and we have sent it off to Dublin and we are hoping to receive our 7th Award of Science and Maths Excdellence later this term.