04 February 2012

Senior Infants Book Review

Senior Infants read a big book called Mucky Pup by Ken Brown. It was about a puppy. No one would play with him because he was so mucky. Finally a pig played with Mucky Pup. After reading the story the class each wrote 5 or 6 sentences about the book.

All the children liked Mucky Pup. Abbie and Oran told us he met a horse, a cat, and a duck. Luke told us Mucky Pup met a cockerel.  Mark said because he was messy, and Luke said because he was dirty no one would play with him. Brendan wrote that when Mucky pup met a pig the pig played with him. Shannon thought Mucky pup was nice and then he fell into the water with a big splash. Kate said after he got a bath in the water he was clean, Éabha thought Mucky Pup was a lucky pup and Rebecca thought he was snuggly . Aaron told us that other words for mucky were, filthy, messy and dirty, and that after his bath he was clean, warm and soft.