05 August 2008

Our School Garden

In early February we entered the “Lets Get Gardening” competition for schools which was sponsored by 4Homes Superstores.

As we were starting off with a green field site we knew we had a lot of work to do. Parents, past pupils, school staff, pupils and friends were enlisted and soon we had the area cleared and our raised beds were created from recycled wood from a building site. Top soil was brought in and we were ready for planting.

Each class group had two raised beds. Junior and Senior Infants planted different flowers both perennials and annuals. First and second planted herbs, third and fourth planted fruit bushes and organic wheat and sugar beet, while fifth and sixth planted potatoes and a selection of vegetables.
Our school is partly surrounded by a lovely old stone wall. These stones came from a once thriving stone quarry close by which no longer exists. Part of this wall was taken down recently to make an entrance in to the adjoining church yard. We used these stones to create a bench and a bird-bath in our garden.
One corner of the garden is over shadowed by trees, so we planted this area with plants and shrubs which are suitable for shady areas. We also have a bird house and a bird feeder.
We had some very hectic and enjoyable “gardening days” where everyone got a chance to plant a plant or sow some seeds. It has become a very peaceful area where you can sit and enjoy the surroundings, as well as a pleasant place for teachers to hold classes on a sunny day.
We hope to develop this area further over the coming years and continue to plant a variety of fruit, vegetables, herbs and flowers. We found creating this new garden area within the school grounds a very worthwhile and rewarding experience and we were very happy to win second prize in the competition. We are very grateful for all the help, advice and support we got from all those who gave their time and expertise to help us in this project.

I learned that some flowers like the shade and some the sun. the sun can dry up the flowers fast. – Ali.

I learned a lot of things about flowers – Lauren

It was fun and I learned a lot – John

I liked the sugar beet bed. There was a net over it so the birds would not eat the seeds. – Martin

I love the smell of the curry plant – Ciara

I liked planting a seed inside and then putting it outside – Olivia

I liked the bench. It is made from wood and stones – Sarah

I love the garden and I learned a lot about the plants, like they need water and sunlight – Mia

Working in the garden is messy but it is fun – Callie

I like the blue bench because I like the colour – Conor

Plants need five things to live. They are water, light, soil, air and heat. – Molly

It took a long time to grow things. – Sulo

The garden is very colourful – Sinead

Plants need lots and lots of time to grow. – Rían